Marriott POS


Marriott Fes sought to enhance the promotion of its hotel’s various points of sale, and they turned to us to create a compelling video production.


They needed to find a way to entice potential customers and create an upgraded local perception of the hotel, especially as they were undergoing a rebranding process.


We crafted short, captivating videos tailored for social media platforms. These videos were meticulously designed to convey the luxurious ambiance and unique offerings of each point of sale within the Marriott Fes hotel. Through cinematic images, we aimed to immerse viewers in the exquisite experiences awaiting them at the hotel’s restaurants, lounges, and amenities.


Our collaboration with Marriott Fes didn’t just result in visually stunning videos; it transformed the way the hotel was perceived within its community.

What we did

  • Direction
  • DOP
  • Post-production