Sofitel Tamuda


Summer Zest for life campaign Capturing the “French Joie de Vivre”


Sofitel Tamuda sought to convey the essence of “French Joie de Vivre” through short, dynamic video content. The challenge was to encapsulate this unique spirit and showcase it to the world.


To bring the “French Joie de Vivre” to life, we created theme-specific videos that showcased every aspect of the exceptional experiences offered by Sofitel Tamuda. Our videos encapsulated the hotel’s luxurious amenities, exquisite cuisine, and the sheer delight of staying at Sofitel Tamuda.


Our captivating videos not only fueled excitement but also resulted in a full summer booking of the hotel. The success of this campaign has convinced the hotel group to invest more in producing promotional experience videos like these, further enhancing Sofitel Tamuda’s brand presence.

What we did

  • Direction
  • DOP
  • Post-production